Hey! i was wondering if you had any tips for taking a gap year? Also, is it worth taking? — Anonymous

hi!!!! i gots a lot to say about gap years so i’m gonna put this under a cut

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i really like the dress you wore in the video with gina, where's it from? x — Anonymous

it’s from asos! 

gina actually very kindly included a link to the exact dress in the description of the video, so you can find it there *u*

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where do you go to college? — Anonymous

i don’t weeeeeeeeeeee i’m not in education this year but i’m going to start uni in september 

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I love you 😖😳😳😳😚❤ your super cool and u make me smile when I see you on my dash — Anonymous

friend!!!! you are too kind!!!!!! i love u more!!!!!!

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oh my goodness, it was brilliant. i honestly went in with really low expectations, but i was completely blown away with how amazing it was; the casting was nearly perfect, they only left out a few minor details, and the cinematography was heart wrenching, as well as the movie itself. 10/10 would recommend uvu — Anonymous

ahhhhh oh my goodness you have made me so excited to go see it now!!!!! thank u for sharing that now i definitely have to go ^o^

ahhh, you like the book thief??? have you seen the movie yet? — Anonymous

yes it is my favouritist book i first read it about 4 years ago and then countless times since!!! and no not yet i will go as soon as i get an evening off work but i’m a lil worried it’s not going to live up to my expectations 

22, 119, and 133? :o) — Anonymous

22. Where would you like to travel?
all of the places!!!! no real talk i wanna go back to iceland, i want to go to india and i want to go to south america and do conservations stuffs, and then also places like europe and south africa which i get to travel to this year!!!!!!!

119. Favourite book?
the book thief by markus zusak uwu

133. Favourite lyrics right now?
i already answered this one lil buddy

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145, 90, and 43? uvu — Anonymous

145. Tea or Coffee?
teateateateateatTEAteateateattEaTEatEaTEA tea

90. Name a person you love?
my mummy!!!!! also this big dumb butt you’ve probably never heard of him

43. Do you smile at strangers?
yes!!! but that’s usually at work and it’s kind of my job to smile at strangers however i now try to make a conscious effort to smile when people walk past me in the street and also at bus stops and in queues for things uwu

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aaaaaaaa congratulations about uni!! — Anonymous

thnak you i am having a nervous breakdown clicking the accept button was the hardest thing i’ve done in ages i need a lie down 

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Happy birthday! Thank you for all the great art! — Anonymous

thank you hehe but i don’t make any art??? i think u got the wrong person!