I hope you have a really nice day — Anonymous

THIS IS SO SWEET thank u my day was v productive i went to work and then bought some uni stuff then sorted out all of my clothes and now i am sleepy and happy

i hope u have had a lovely day too friend xoxo

louiseeeeee!!! how were your travels? I hope you had a wonderful time seeing the world because you are a wonderful person! enjoy the rest of your day!!! *u* — Anonymous

eeeeee this is such a nice message thank u so much!!!

i have had such an amazing few months travelling and i got home from my last (for the year) travel related thing at 2am this mornign so i am SLEEPY but very happy and it’s been so good!!! now i just gots to work for a few more weeks before uni starts and it’s all v exciting and stuff

i hope u too are having a wonderful summer friend!!!

I just checked out your blog cause of the 5 and I must say you're funny. — Anonymous


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why were you mean to the person who counted 5 bloggers? they even deleted their blog. — Anonymous

yo it was like 4 years ago and every note i was getting was people asking the same question

also i got this sent to me like 3 months ago i don’t think they are v upset about it:

Ugh omg your adorableness is over 9000 pls marry me — Anonymous

WELL THEN this is an offer i just can’t refuse

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Omigosh are you back for goood??? — Anonymous

yisssss i was only gone for like 3 weeks though haha

Hey! i was wondering if you had any tips for taking a gap year? Also, is it worth taking? — Anonymous

hi!!!! i gots a lot to say about gap years so i’m gonna put this under a cut

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i really like the dress you wore in the video with gina, where's it from? x — Anonymous

it’s from asos! 

gina actually very kindly included a link to the exact dress in the description of the video, so you can find it there *u*

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where do you go to college? — Anonymous

i don’t weeeeeeeeeeee i’m not in education this year but i’m going to start uni in september 

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I love you 😖😳😳😳😚❤ your super cool and u make me smile when I see you on my dash — Anonymous

friend!!!! you are too kind!!!!!! i love u more!!!!!!

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